Driver of the Year - William “Butch” White


William White was awarded as Driver of the Year! 

As the most senior tenured driver in the Panama City terminal, William has set the example to all drivers on how to be professional. He has trained several of the new drivers, and has instilled in them a level of pride. He shows by example that truck driving is an “art” and is something that not everyone can do. He encourages everyone to participate in self-learning opportunities and attempts to increase his skill set, even at 30 years. William shows respect for the task at hand, and is always focused on the safest way to do things. He thinks globally and not just what is happening in his immediate area. He openly shares his extensive knowledge, and has been instrumental in developing plans in our organization to help all drivers, i.e. his “look before you hook” plan has significantly reduced product mixes at the Panama City terminal. Williams takes pride in performing his job correctly and shows he is invested in the health of our entire company. His incident free performace has inspired others to perform at the same level. William acts as a mentor to newer employees, and frequently invests his own time to teach & train others who are struggling. He does this of his own volition, seeking no compensation other than strengthening our driver team. William plays an active role in our community, especially bringing honot and recognition to our veterans. Above all William leads by example and uses the principle of servant leadership to affect growth and change in our organization. 

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